Why Moxie?

Moxie means force of character, determination or nerve, and is also used to describe someone’s energy and pep.

Nothing in broadcasting is easy. It takes enormous energy, talent and hours to run a huge broadcasting platform, produce content and develop and launch new technology. Yet you do it all the time, allowing Sky to take risks and keep evolving. We want your work to be properly recognised.

We know that Sky workers have great force of character, which is why this campaign is for you.


What is BECTU?

We’re the UK’s media and entertainment union, representing more than 40,000 people working in creative industries, including broadcasting, the arts, entertainment, media and communications. Our members work as staff and freelancers for some of the biggest production companies, including the BBC, ITV, STV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and Sky. BECTU is a sector of Prospect union.

BECTU’s work on behalf of members includes:

  • Negotiating pay, conditions and contracts with employers
  • Personal advice and representation for individual members
  • Training support and professional courses
  • Networking events and career development opportunities
  • A range of Member benefits.


I’m happy in my job, why should I join BECTU?

We already provide individual support to Sky members offering advice on new contracts, negotiating pay, and in redundancy situations following departmental restructures as well as on pensions and networking

Although staff tell us many good things about working at Sky, changes to ways of working and terms and conditions might come in the future. And things can change fast. If they do, we’ll be there to support you.


Sky doesn’t recognise unions, so surely there’s nothing you can do to help me?

All workers, staff and freelancers, have a legal right to join a union of their choice. You also have a statutory right to be accompanied to disciplinary or grievance meetings. BECTU can give you advice and support on any work-related issues.


You’ve tried to get access at Sky before, what’s different this time?

We are committed to supporting staff and freelance workers across all sectors of broadcasting, and already have many members at Sky. But with the future of the company less certain, it’s really important that we step up efforts to bring Sky staff on board so that we’re best placed to stand up for your rights should any changes be proposed.


How will being owned by Comcast change things?

No one can be certain what might change at Sky, but it is of course common for any change in ownership to lead to at least some operational changes. These could include restructure, staffing changes, programming changes, salary changes and changes to your terms and conditions.


Will I be fired or blacklisted if I join the union?

Everyone has a legally protected right to belong to a trade union of their choice. You also have a statutory right to be accompanied to any work disciplinary or grievance meetings. It is illegal for a worker to be penalised in any way because they are a union member.

We treat all members’ details with complete confidentiality and would never disclose your membership, so you can be sure that your membership will remain private unless you choose otherwise.


What does union recognition mean?

Union recognition means that there’s a formal collective bargaining agreement between an employer and the union. Such an agreement will cover pay, working hours, holidays, pensions, training and other terms and conditions. BECTU is calling on Sky to open up a constructive dialogue so that Sky workers like you can have an independent voice at the workplace.


I’m a freelancer, but I do a lot of work with Sky. Can I still join?

Yes! BECTU represents thousands of creative freelancers and can offer you advice and support on a whole host of issues, including negotiating pay and contracts.