Your talent

is essential

Together you are the engine that brings the brand to life and allows Sky to take risks and keep evolving for the future.

Now we are asking whether they are willing to take the risk and listen to you.

Nothing in broadcasting is easy. We know that. We recognise the energy and hours it takes to run a huge broadcasting platform, produce content, develop new technology and launch it all. But, you do this day-in and day-out. 

Your work is world-class, and we want to help make it even better.

BECTU can help make your working life even better

We can get you

a seat at the table

We can speak up on industry and company issues without any one individual putting their head above the parapet.

We give you an

Expert voice

Do you want to see the gender pay gap closed? A more diverse workforce? We’re backed by expert legal, research and employment professionals who know how to achieve positive change.

we can offer you

individual support

We already have hundreds of members at Sky. We can advise on new contracts, negotiating pay, pensions and networking.