#GotMoxie survey

What it means to work at SKY

We already know Sky workers have moxie – the force of character to make the company the success it is. But we wanted to know more about your working life, the culture at Sky and your views on the future.

Our Moxie survey offered you – the people on the inside of the company – the opportunity to share exactly what it means to belong to Sky.

We had responses from people right across the company – from sales to technology, engineering to entertainment, you were happy to share your experiences and your concerns.

Many of you told us that you enjoy working at Sky. You love having the opportunity to work on exciting programmes, many of you value your terms and conditions and the way you are treated, and you recognise Sky’s strong reputation.

But you also have some really serious concerns about Sky’s future. You want to understand how Sky will compete in the face of growing on-demand streaming. You’re worried about how your working lives could change following Comcast’s buyout. And you want transparency and honesty from your managers.

Just some of the comments you made in response to our survey include:

  • “There’s a risk we can lose our values quickly in this race to become the leading media provider, being sold to the company with the highest bid.”
  • “They should be keeping knowledge within the company instead of making people redundant to bring in new people that do not understand the systems and processes.”
  • “Sky are meant to be a forward thinking technology company and they need to make sure they ensure staff are kept up to date with changes.”
  • “There is a terrible work/home balance that needs addressing.”
  • “Transparency is the main issue. Staff are often left in the dark regarding the company’s intentions.”

We hear your concerns, and we share them. We know that the future feels uncertain and we want to make sure Sky’s executives hear you too, and that they take steps to address your concerns.

Sky’s success is built on your talent and commitment. Your work is world-class and we recognise the energy and hours you put in to making the company the success it is. We want to make sure you are properly recognised for everything you do.

That’s why we’re asking you to join us. Being a part of BECTU will give you:

  • A seat at the table – we can speak up on industry and company issues without any one individual putting their head above the parapet
  • An expert voice – we’re backed by expert legal, research and employment professionals who know how to secure positive change, for example on the gender pay gap and workforce diversity
  • Individual support – advice on new contracts, negotiating pay, terms and conditions, pensions and more, as well as networking opportunities

We know that no major change in ownership can happen without impacting on the organisation. No matter what Sky’s future brings, we will be on your side.

A breakdown of key survey results

How closely have you been following the sale of Sky?
  • The majority of respondents (71%) said they had been following very closely or quite closely
What do you think the impact for staff might be for a takeover? (up to three answers)
  • The largest area of concern was being made redundant, which was flagged by 50% of respondents
  • Other significant concerns included:
    • Changes to team structure (46%)
    • Parts of the business being sold off (38%)
    • Changes to my line management (25%)
  • Respondents also expressed concern about pay changes; poor decisions being made; what might happen to colleagues; projects being cancelled; being redeployed, and changes to working hours)
How much information are you being given by Sky about potential changes?
  • Just under half of respondents said they were getting constant or regular updates, the rest said updates were either sporadic, very few or non-existent
How satisfied are you with your current working conditions?
  • The vast majority of (82%) said they were very satisfied or satisfied
What are the most positive things about working for Sky? (up to three answers)
  • The number one response was “the people I work with” (63%)
  • Other key highlights included:
    • Working on exciting projects
    • Sky’s good reputation
    • Terms and conditions
    • Being treated fairly and equally
  • Some respondents also showed enthusiasm for being valued for their work; being well paid
What do you think are the core issues facing Sky and television/broadcasting over the next five years?

This free-text question drew a range of responses, with the key themes being:

  • Increasing competition from on-demand streaming platforms, such as Netflix and Amazon
  • Restructure and redundancy, including a loss of key skills
  • Lack of investment in staff training
  • Maintaining quality in the face of reduced revenue
  • Poor communication and support from senior managers/executives
  • Comcast making cuts/changes to recover costs from the buyout
  • Impact of Brexit